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Lewbonne MADE Homes is growing and seeking financial investment partners to continue our real estate “Build to Sell” business concept. We have an impressive IRR (internal rate of return) and our proven point-of-difference designs ensure we stay relevant in the highly competitive real estate end-use selling market.

Lewbonne MADE is currently seeking funding for a variety of building projects. We specialize in new construction building types and/or remodeling high-end condominiums and then sell the finished property to the end-use home buyer. We partner with our investors by sharing risk. Our investors purchase and hold the dirt for new construction projects, or original condition condominium, based on pre-restoration value with a first trust deed. MADE homes completely funds the restoration cost of the project. We share the risk with our investors and this allows for a more secure investment and greater leverage for our partners.

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Our point-of-difference designs are unique to us and we believe they have proven to be the key-point of differentiating ourselves in the highly competitive, end-use selling market. It sets us apart from our competition and helps keep our designs fresh, relevant and unique. This is one of the ways we keep our resale values higher than the average build. We are known for our cutting-edge designs and are proud to be one of the leading design and build innovators in our category for the industry in which we compete.

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Investment opportunities are available for our “Build to Sell” concept. Overall, our point-of-difference homes have higher yields than our competitors and our capabilities allow us to fully develop a turn-key project from the acquisition of land or an existing structure to the final one-of-a-kind design. We work with both new-build, custom homes as well as existing home and condominium rehab projects. We believe that not only is it unique to find a contractor who designs but also a designer and architect who is a builder.  

It’s impossible to place a value on one’s time. Today’s home buyers are immensely engaged balancing time with their family and full-time careers, with so much going on, the prospect of purchasing a turn-key, furnished, move-in ready home offers tremendous value. We put the effort into finding high-quality, contemporary furnishing, textiles and furniture which perfectly compliment the home design and epitomizes the level of taste our buyers expect. MADE homes offers these special touches which are all but unobtainable in the end-user market. In addition, we have that special point-of-difference feeling which is evident from the moment you enter the driveway.

Once the building project is complete, but before we're ready for a showing tour to perspective end-use buyer, we fully set-up and style the home. We include the intense use of outdoor and indoor dressings, furniture, fixtures, textiles and wares along with an elaborate landscaping package to compliment the completed home before offering it for sale to the end-use home buyer. Many of our prospective home buyers are excited to learn that almost everything displayed in our homes is available to purchase along with the home.

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We heavily market our complete move-in ready homes targeted to our specific end-use buyer beyond the MLS | home-for-sale listing websites. Instead of waiting for the buyer to find us we find them with precise targeted online ads.

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We believe we have positioned ourselves as a leader in our category in the highly competitive real estate end-use selling market by implementing our point-of-difference approach for our design and build business.

Contact Lewbonne MADE Homes today to get more information about how you can diversify your capital by investing in our proven “Build to Sell” business model.