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Lewbonne MADE Homes is a premier residential and commercial developer.

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We are a real estate developer and build beautiful vintage-style homes and condos using the latest technologies for modern convenience and efficiency. Our capabilities allow us to fully develop a turn-key project from acquisition of land to specialty point-of-difference designs in both Chicago and Houston, markets we build in. We either acquire raw land or purchase an existing structure, design and build the project to ultimately sell to the end-use buyer. We complete the construction portion of the build as the general contractor. By wearing “all the hats” during the design, build and selling process we are able to eliminate most of the overhead our competitors incur which is one of the secrets to our success. We mostly use our own Lewbonne MADE Company funding to build one-of-a-kind properties available for sale. In addition, we offer a portion of our ventures for investor funding.


Our Point-of-Difference is unique and helps keeps us relevant.


Our point-of-difference designs are unique to us and we believe they have proven to be the key-point of differentiating ourselves in the highly competitive, end-use selling market. It sets us apart from our competition and helps keep our designs fresh, relevant and unique. This is one of the ways we keep our resale values higher than the average build. We are known for our cutting-edge designs and are proud to be one of the leading design and build innovators in our category for the industry in which we compete.


Outdoor entertaining with luxury living.

More and more families are extending their living areas to include outdoor space, so why not do it in style? Whether the family is hanging out by the pool or entertaining friends by the firepit, bringing the indoors outside is a trend that's most likely here to stay. When our project and site plans allow, we build beautiful outside living spaces for our buyers to enjoy. We've learned that the outdoor spaces of our homes are just as popular and important as our indoor spaces.


Innovative architectural plans that appeal to our targeted buyer.

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We strive to create the innovative, modern designs our targeted buyer wants to own. We do not want to simply replicate the average home located down the street in a cookie-cutter neighborhood. Our end-user buyers want homes which stand out and have that exclusive look and feel. These are the homes we design and build; unique properties which provide our buyers with exceptional pride-of-ownership.



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We believe we have positioned ourselves as a leader in our category in the highly competitive real estate end-use selling market by implementing our point-of-difference approach for our design and build business. Contact us today to get more information about how you can diversify your capital by investing in our proven “Build to Sell” business model.